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About Us

IUPUI Transfer Philosophy Statement

As an urban research institution, IUPUI is deeply committed to the educational success of all students. As part of this commitment, students who transfer to IUPUI will experience coordinated, holistic, and developmentally appropriate support as they transition into and through the university. As they pursue their degrees, they will be intentionally connected to high-quality curricular and co-curricular learning experiences and provided continuous access to support services. Their student experiences will be based on a theoretical framework that supports the unique needs of transfer students. These experiences will enhance their academic and social integration and commitment to attain academic and career goals.


The Office of Transfer Student Services will support all transfer students, after the point of admission, by facilitating seamless pathways and encouraging programming and resources to ensure successful transition, persistence, and graduation.


Our vision is a simple three-part approach: partner, promote, and connect.

We will partner with campus departments and schools to promote services and unique programming in order to connect transfer students to the IUPUI campus. 


The Office of Transfer Student Services supports transfer students by:
  • Enhancing their academic integration through:
    • Providing support and programming to reduce transfer shock
    • Informing students about curriculum plans and how prior course work is related to degree programs at IUPUI
  • Enhancing their social integration through:
    • Helping students develop a Jaguar identity and explore school opportunities
    • Providing information about experiences beyond the academic curriculum
    • Aiding in the development of peer and faculty connections
  • Encouraging goal commitment toward earning a degree at IUPUI by:
    • Assisting students in formulating a curriculum plan for degree completion
    • Providing information on how to utilize campus resources to be successful