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Foundations of Excellence

Steering Committee

Liaisons, together with the chairs of the Dimension Committees and other selected campus administrators, constitute the Steering Committee. The primary roles of the Steering Committee are to assist the liaisons in project management, to read and to react to all dimension reports as they are completed by the Dimension Committees, to make final decisions about the content of the action plan, and to serve as chief advocates and public relations representatives for the project on campus. If Dimension Committees are viewed as spokes on the FoE wheel, the Steering Committee is the hub.

Cathy Buyarski, Executive Director of Student Success Initiatives, Division of Undergraduate Education
Gina Gibau, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, School of Liberal Arts

Name Title Unit
Karen Alfrey Senior Lecturer, Biomedical Engineering  School of Engineering and Technology 
Sarah Baker  Associate Dean for Academic Affairs University College 
Peggy Daniels-Lee Director of Undergraduate Programs and Student Services  Kelley School of Business 
Zeb Davenport Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs  Division of Student Affairs 
Steve Graunke  Director, Student Data, Analysis and Evaluation  Division of Undergraduate Education 
Michele Hansen Executive Director, Student Data, Analysis, and Evaluation  Division of Undergraduate Education 
Stephen Hundley Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives  Academic Affairs 
Kathy Johnson Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education Division of Undergraduate Education 
Susan Kahn Director, Institutional Effectiveness  Institutional Planning and Improvement
Julie Lash Director, Counseling and Psychological Services  Division of Student Affairs 
Melissa Lavitt  Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs  Academic Affairs 
Tralicia Lewis Assistant Vice Chancellor  Division of Student Affairs 
Becky Porter  Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services  Division of Enrollment Management 
Margie Smith-Simmons  Director of Strategic Communications  External Affairs 
Jason Spratt Dean of Students  Division of Student Affairs 
Matt Wade  Director, Office of Transfer Student Services  Division of Undergraduate Education 
Rick Ward  Director, Center for Research and Learning  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research 
Dawn Whitehead Director of Curriculum Internalization Office of International Affairs 
Jennifer Williams Director, Career Services  School of Engineering and Technology 
Amy Wylie  Director, Educational Partnerships and Student Advocacy  Division of Student Affairs