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New to IUPUI Guide
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First-Semester Checklist

There are certain times in college when you might need extra assistance with navigating the many support resources. The IUPUI campus and University College provide many mentoring opportunities that cover a wide range of course content and other important support resources. These resources are a great way for students to stay on top of coursework and to plan for their future.  

Below is a transfer first-semester checklist that provides a great way for students to connect to and navigate the resources on the IUPUI campus.

Attend Classes and Invest in Yourself
  • Be present, alert, and active during each class
  • Make a commitment to your success at IUPUI
Utilize Academic Support Services
Visit the Office of Transfer Student Services
Join the Transfer-Year Experience (TYE)
  • Find support programming and involvement opportunities specifically for transfer students through TYE
  • Check your IUPUI email or the Office of Transfer Student Services website for upcoming opportunities
Attend the Weeks of Welcome
  • Participate in fun and interesting activities around campus during the first three weeks
  • Calendar: wow.iupui.edu
Get Involved Academically
  • Visit your major faculty during office hours
  • Join a school club or organization
Get Involved Socially
Schedule an Advising Appointment
Register for Classes
  • Schedule your classes on One
  • Review your schedule often for updates (e.g., rooms)
Find Meaningful Employment
  • Office of Student Employment:
  • Contact your academic advisor for school-specific offerings