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Transfer-Year Experience

The Transfer-Year Experience provides resources through on-campus partnerships, promotes success through services and unique programming, and strives to enhance how transfer students connect to IUPUI and their academic programs. For more information about our current program offerings, see the menu to the left.

Transfer Tuesdays
Transfer Tuesdays are online webinars that jump-start your IUPUI advising experience. These webinars guide you through a variety of tools and processes that will be helpful to know before you attend your transfer student orientation. For more information, see our Transfer Tuesdays website.

Transfer-Year Seminars

Transfer seminars provide an unique opportunity for incoming transfer students to:
  • Learn more about their majors, major schools, and campus
  • Engage with faculty and staff from their academic schools
  • Create a community of peers that share common experiences
  • Understand the expectations and demands at IUPUI 

These seminars are taught by an instructional team consisting of a faculty member, academic advisor, librarian, and student mentor.

Transfer Insider
These electronic newsletters are sent throughout the first semester to inform students about current campus events, remind them about campus resources, and provide valuable tips.