The Transition Orientation Experience

We want all transfer students to make a smooth transition to IUPUI. After you’ve been admitted, you’ll be required to participate in a three-part Transition Orientation Experience that will prepare you to be successful here.

You can sign up for your Transition Orientation Experience after you have accepted your offer of admission and created your IUPUI computing account. You will be able to sign up for all three parts of the Transition Orientation Experience at the same time.

We strongly recommend that you sign up as early as possible—you won’t be able to register for classes until you’ve completed all three parts of your Transition Orientation Experience.

Part 1: Jaguar Launch—Online Transfer Modules

The first step in your Transition Orientation Experience is the Jaguar Launch—Online Transfer Modules, during which you’ll prepare for your first academic advising appointment. These online modules will guide you through reading your Transfer Credit Report, resolving issues with undistributed credit, and finding advising resources, as well as introducing you to the many IUPUI campus resources.

You must complete the Jaguar Launch—Online Transfer Modules before you attend your transition orientation program and orientation advising appointment.

Part 2: Transition Orientation Program

After you’ve completed the Jaguar Launch—Online Transfer Modules, you’ll attend a daylong transition orientation program on the IUPUI campus. Designed to meet the unique needs of transfer students, the transition orientation program includes a campus resource fair, a presentation from your academic unit, and sessions on topics such as information technology resources and health and wellness support.

Part 3: Orientation Advising Appointment

After you’ve completed the Jaguar Launch—Online Transfer Modules and attended the transition orientation program, you’ll meet your academic advisor during a one-on-one advising appointment to discuss your transfer credits and to register for your first semester of classes.

Prepare for Your Transition Orientation Experience