Transfer Credit

After you’re admitted

If you’re admitted to IUPUI, you will be able to view your Transfer Credit Report in One.IU about two to three weeks after we notify you of your acceptance. Your Transfer Credit Report will show:

  • All the courses you’ve taken at other institutions.
  • Whether each course will transfer.
  • If applicable, the equivalent course at IUPUI for which you will receive credit.

To view your Transfer Credit Report, go to One.IU and search for “transfer credits.” Select the Transfer Credits app box, then log in using your IUPUI username and passphrase.

Transferring from an IU or Purdue campus?

If you’re transferring to IUPUI from an IU campus, the credit you earned at that campus will automatically appear on your IUPUI academic record. It will be reviewed by an IUPUI academic advisor to apply it toward an IUPUI degree program.

If you’re transferring from a Purdue campus and you plan to enroll in a Purdue degree program, all your Purdue coursework will transfer to your IUPUI record, including any courses with grades of D or F.